Montevideo Hoops
Introducing an all new line of "Montevideo" indoor carpet croquet hoops!

Designed by Jonathan Lamb in Uruguay and manufactured here in the UK, this all original product allows for continued play over the cold winter months on any carpet.

The hoops remain upright due to large horizontal discs in place of the usual carrots which, due to the spherical balls will not ever interfere with play. These discs are further engineered with small nodules which grip the carpet, preventing slippage when the ball contacts. We also include an astro turf range which features elongated nodules that are not possible in the carpet range. The hoops also feature a double crown to allow players to hold he hoop upright such as for jump shots or power shots.

Hoops are sold either as full sets, including six hoops and a peg, which is ideal for a large open room or astroturf lawn, or as single hoops which is perfect for solo indoor practise.

Full set of six hoops and a peg; £360 plus UK postage of £20
Single hoop order; £65 plus UK postage of £12
Please enquire for international postage costs.